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When I needed a trusted, creative eye for my rebrand I wanted Benten Design’s insight and collaboration. The process is highly personable, with the patience and intention rarely found in agencies I’ve worked with in the past. There is a unique perspective that Benten Design offers that cuts through the milieu and provides clean, simple, assets that emulate the vision for my company.

Kendall RuthFounder, Flour Sack Cape

Working with Benten Design allowed us to go about rebranding with ease. My team had an idea of where we wanted to go but Benten was able to use his expertise and steer is in the way we SHOULD go to have a strong brand. It was such a joy to work with such a talented, professional group.

Talene WeeksBusiness Solutions Coordinator, The Gala Team

Benten Design helped our company with the materials we needed for Techstars Demo Day. They went above and beyond, helping us keep our pitch cohesive and adding supplementary visuals for the presentation. I love their approach towards creative work and would recommend them to anyone.

Evan HungCo-Founder / Chief Product Officer, Nikola Power

I approached Benten Design to help with a brand refresh for AsOne Ministries. They took time to get to know me and to learn more about AsOne. With Benten Design I felt like more than a client but that they were a part of our team. They helped create a more consistent brand and went above and beyond what we asked to help us pursue our mission. Everything they designed was beautiful and they created work that was much better than I had even imagined. I loved every minute that I worked with them.

Andrew DeVaneyCEO and Founder, AsOne Ministries

!!!!!!!!!! Benten Design, these look AMAZING. Can't wait to get these up on my site...and on my quotes...and invoices...and get new business cards made...and change all my web copy...and...and...and... You really delivered an image that encapsulates both what I am now and what I want to be in the future. Well done.

Sarah MagillStoryteller, Mags Media

I came to Benten Design to brand a new podcast program that I'm developing. I'm not kidding when I say I was pleasantly shocked at how far above and beyond they went. By taking the time to get to know both me and my project, Benten Design both designed a spectacular brand that I will use for years to come and helped me to take serious steps towards creating a brand for what was before just a simple idea. Working with Benten Design you will be treated as a professional client no matter who you are or how developed your idea is. Benten Design is more than an agency, they are advocates for their clients. And yes, this testimony is given of my own free will. He's just that good.

Rusty GatesFounder, (Audio) Liturgy Podcst

Benten Design did a fantastic job repositioning our brand. We gave them a very rough drawing and they made a masterpiece that we are proud to plaster on every part of our business. The design that they came up with was nothing like I had expected, but it was exactly what I wanted - I just didn't know it yet. Benten Design is very easy to work with. They are very clear, precise and organized - not to mention creative. The process was very smooth from beginning to end. Their questionnaire was so thorough that it even helped us visualize our business in a new, even clearer way - far beyond just our logo. They captured it all in a brand that has helped us stand out in our industry and thrive. I highly recommend them.

RussOwner, Epic Lawn Pro

Benten Design has been a true pleasure to work with! I am the Development Director for a local non-profit and they have been nothing short of professional, patient and timely. Not only are they great at communication, they are extremely talented and courteous. It was such a relief to trust them with our concept for an event graphic. They listened to our ideas and boldly took the creative liberties we were looking to hand-off to them. Because of their open lines of communication, we were able to quickly navigate some organizational questions and continue moving forward with little fuss. And on top of all that, they understood our vision completely and delivered an even more phenomenal product than I had hoped. I truly cannot recommend Benten Design enough for your next project and I look forward to the next project we can work together on!

Bri MorrisDevelopment Director, Colorado Haiti Project

The designers at Benten Design are stunningly skilled. They have a keen eye for clean and attractive designs. But perhaps even more impressive, Benten Design understood how to capture and complement our organization’s unique aesthetic. In addition, they knew how to create variety in the types of design products we needed through precise and subtle artistic choices that end up making a big impact. But perhaps the greatest thing that Benten Design brings to the table is their work ethic: They are reliable, patient, intuitive, and clear. Finally, in addition to creating the outputs we requested, they offered technical assistance to ensure we felt confident using the tools he generated moving forward. I highly recommend working with Benten Design.

Candace JoiceiEmpathize

I came to Benten Design for help designing a sticker to outfit my bike collection. I wanted something that would be striking, motivational, versatile, and unique. I presented them with a vague vision and a variety of ideas for messages. I was initially very unsure about exactly what I wanted but in working with Benten Design we rapidly created a design and message that I was extremely excited about. We then entered, what I like to call, the tweaking stage. I am very particular once an overall design is hashed out and was worried, as I always am, about being too controlling regarding every little detail. Benten Design was very accommodating to my requests and provided many options with full mock ups on an image I provided. This was a tremendous help and allowed me to visualize the final product, removing any doubts about which option to choose. Within a very short timeframe I had a final product far beyond what I could have envisioned with the comfort in knowing that it was created using the highest standards. It was a pleasure working with Benten Design and I would recommend his services to anyone looking for full-service design.

Jeremy Liebherr

I worked with Benten Design to correct some bleed and margin issues for my children's book. Benten Design has been such a pleasure to work with. They came on to the project with little context about it and was able to adapt, move forward and execute what we needed with sheer prowess. They were so thorough in their work that in addition to assisting us with the bleeds, they recommended a spine design adjustment for better printing and tailored their solutions to our previous problem to suit this as well. It was an absolute breeze to communicate with them, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

Priscilla Takondwa SempherePenAfrica

I was in need of a new camp shirt design for summer 2015 and after looking at Benten Design's work I was excited to be able to utilize their talents for this project. After gaining a complete understanding of exactly what I was hoping for my shirt to be, Benten Design put together a few amazing designs for me that clearly represented all that we had discussed. Benten Design is easy to work with, and has incredible artists. They go above and beyond what is required of them to make sure that their clients' needs are met. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Benten Design and hope to continue to work with them in the future. I highly recommend their business to others.

Audra GoodsellMountain Park Environmental Center

I approached Benten Design to help me professionalize my blog. They were wonderful to work with. They did a great job listening to my questions and thoughts about what I wanted to do with the blog, and tailored a process that really suited me. Interestingly, the final product was different than what I envisioned... and better - a direct result of their attentiveness to my needs and concerns. Highly recommend their services.

Andrew Arndt

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