Creating an identity to help others discover the joy of minimalism.

About the client:

Raw Minimalist was started after Gina Woodring discovered the vegan and minimalist lifestyle. Her life has changed dramatically since she started two years ago, and she wants to share those same experiences with others. She learned that by making a few easy changes, it’s possible to live a simple, stress-free and compassionate life. Her worldview has been forever altered and has made her a happier, more content person, and she wants others to experience the same thing. Raw Minimalist exists to help others become their very best self through clean eating, ethical living, and a minimal lifestyle.

About the project:

Raw Minimalist is a freshly minted lifestyle blog that was looking for an identity that aligned with their core values. Raw Minimalist is passionate about helping others grow, live into their full potential, and discover their true identity. The overall look and feel of their brand is subdued, humanist and minimal.













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