Combining the traditional and artistic.

About the client:

Bloom is a network of house churches that gathers each Sunday in Denver, Colorado. Their dream as a community is to see God’s future world begin to emerge both by planting and cultivating a vibrant network of house churches where people can experience a deeply formative life together in the family of faith as well as by creating a rich liturgical space on Sunday nights where people can be drawn together into the mystery of Christ Jesus.

About the project:

Bloom approached us to create a new, more comprehensive identity to replace their previous brand.

Bloom cherishes the traditional, but also values uniqueness, artistry, and simplicity. Symbolism, specifically mentions of the Tree of Life within the Bible, has a prominent influence within the community. It is also important that the new brand reflects some elements of the original brand in order to maintain recognition.

The new logo combines three symbolic elements: Community, the Cross, and the Tree of Life, while also incorporating the “leaves” from previous branding.

The Bloom brand relies strongly on imagery and symbolism, uniting the artistic and traditional into one cohesive identity.

Previous logo:









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